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Club Miata NW

Breakfast And A Train
By Jeff Dunning
Posted on 5/13/2017 11:54 PM
Our CMNW President, Jim Boyde, had a great idea for a drive today. He wanted to eat at a tavern (The Flotation Device), go for a drive, look at and ride trains, then celebrate the club's 15th anniversary with some cake. The thing is -- he pulled it off! Including great weather and a nice turn out (12 cars).
Jim about to conduct the driver's meeting. As soon as the dogs let him.

We had ND's, NC's, NB's and NA's -- all Miatas, all the time.

Turns out, this one has a motor (who knew?)

Out on the drive, things are super green from all of Washington's rain this year.

Our first pitstop, the ND's had to huddle together for companionship.

The scenery continued to dazzle us with its green-ness.

There was still a hardtop in the crowd, witness to the unceasing rain we've had to put up with.

Dogs even. (Lady, Wilson and rescue dog)

Jim always shows us the best roads the Kitsap Peninsula has to drive. A few cars even took off ahead for some, ahem, "spirited" driving. We caught up to them eventually.

Just driving along obeying all traffic laws.

This looks like Tahuya.

Our destination at the train yard. This year Jim arranged for preferred parking.

This locomotive is built to 1/8th full size. That means that something measuring 1-1/2" on the locomotive would be 12" on a full size train. This hobby may be crazier than Miata ownership (arguable, of course).

This is why they call them steam locomotives.

Thanks Carla for the cake! (Carla also setup the breakfast and lunch stops, gifts for the Mom's and even some goodies for the guys in the drive).
Zeke (our VP) set us up very nicely with door prizes and the tavern kicked in some Corona beer t-shirts and hats.
Thanks to all for coming:
Jim and Carla - NA red
Shiela and Megan - NC black
Cindy and Kelly - NA brilliant black
Mike and Kent - NB highlight silver metallic 
Chris and Madeline - NB emerald green mica
Maury and Sandy - NA (x2) starlight blue and yellow
Ken and Pat - ND soul red
Allen - NC copper red mica
Cindy and Lou - NC true red
Zeke - NC copper red mica
Bart and Kathi - ND machine grey mica
Jeff and Karen - NB red

Next event: CMNW SPRING CLEAN -- 9Am To 3Pm - 5/21/2017